In August TAP carried 1.42 million passengers, a new record for the number of passengers in a single month.

August is traditionally TAP’s busiest month in terms of passenger numbers, and while the increases have tended to be smaller the strong growth of supply with the introduction of new routes and more frequent flights, this year the airline carried 224,000 more passengers than during the same month last year – up 18.7%.

It was on European routes (excluding mainland Portugal and islands) that TAP recorded the highest absolute growth in the number of passengers – up 146,000 (+20.6%) on August 2016 – reaching a total of 854,000 this August.

In relative terms, however, the connections to Madeira and the Azores, with 133,000 passengers, recorded the biggest increase - up 30,000, or 29.5% – on August 2016.

It should be noted, however, that TAP grew in every network sector in which it operates. On intercontinental flights: Africa (+26.1%), United States and Canada (+15.7%), Brazil (+7.7%) and even Venezuela (+5.7%), for a total of 335,000, which is 43,000 – or 15% – more than in August 2016.

Overall, between January to August 2017, TAP has carried 9,261,647 passengers, which is 1.8 million more than during the same period last year – an increase of 24.3%.Load factor across all network sectors is above 80%, reaching 90% in some cases.

The average load factor for all TAP flights in August was 83.8%. The load factor for the year so far is 82.7%, up six percentage points since 2016.