The federal government is now looking to acquire the maintenance base (MRO) of Mexicana de Aviación, which has remained active after Mexicana's suspension of operations in 2010, according to a source familiar with the government's intentions.

The move comes at the heels of an 30 April 2024 expiration of the trust that regulates the operation of the MRO. Upon the expiry, the maintenance will be sold and all assets will return to the owners of the airline.

Pending any agreement, an appraisal of the assets is currently being carried out by Banorte bank in order to be able to finalize a purchase-sale amount.

The sale also aims to pay a percentage of the lost wages of more than 8,000 workers, a settlement that equates to a fraction of what they are owed.

Mexicana MRO has around 20 international certifications,  allowing it to make major modifications to aircraft from countries including the US, Brazil, El Salvador, Venezuela, as well as all members of the EU.