LATAM Airlines, based in Santiago, has reached out to lessors and relevant parties if an effort to acquire up to 25 B737s currently operating with Brazilian rival GOL Linhas Aereas, as the latter recently enter judicial reorganization under Chapter 11 in the US.

In the New York Bankruptcy Court, GOL's attorneys stated that some lessors received letters from LATAM saying that , "in view of recent events", they would be interested ​in discussing the possible leasing of 20 to 25 Boeing 737 aircraft. 

The letter comes at a time when GOL has had difficulties negotiating its contracts, and when there is a shortage of aircraft industry-wide.

LATAM acknowledged in the note that it has been in contact with relevant fleet stakeholders and it "has been active in the market for several months with the aim of ensuring the necessary capacity to meet current and long-term needs in the context of global supply chain challenges and shortages of aircraft and engines".

The Aviation Working Group highlighted that the deadline for lessors to start searching for GOL aircraft ends on 24 February 2024, despite US law saying the grace period should be 120 days.