Our conversion partner Turkish Technic achieved a key milestone. The MRO expert successfully performed the Upper Frame Shell (UFS) cut-out for the very first converted A330P2F at the Istanbul facilities. The aircraft is scheduled to be re-delivered mid of the year 2024 to our customer Air Transport Service Group (ATSG).

Turkish Technic is the most recent conversion house supporting the Passenger-to-Freighter Airbus conversion programs of EFW with meanwhile nine conversion sites on three continents. “We are glad to have Turkish Technic with its deep experience in maintaining Airbus aircraft on board,” says Jordi Boto, CEO of EFW.

"We are happy to reach this milestone on the first conversion as we partner with EFW to meet high level demand in the market,” said Mikail Akbulut, the CEO of Turkish Technic. “We're looking forward to providing the best possible performance for our customers with our extensive structural and avionic modification capabilities.”

ATSG committed in 2022 to a total of 29 Airbus A330P2F conversions with EFW, center of excellence for Airbus freighter conversions and a joint venture between ST Engineering and Airbus. The commitment reflects a strategic step diversifying the existing in-service fleet of 117 aircraft with the addition of next generation wide-body freighters.

“The A330 will provide a solution to ATSG customers seeking a freighter that offers both operational and economic benefits,” said ATSG Chief Commercial Officer Paul Chase.  

EFWs A330P2F program comes with two variants – the A330-200P2F and A330-300P2F – which are both equipped with advanced technology that offers airlines additional operational and economic benefits. The A330-200P2F can carry a gross payload of up to 60 tons of weight to over 7.700 km, while the larger A330-300P2F can carry a gross payload of up to 62 tons and a containerized volume of up to ~18.581ft3 (~526m3).