June 23, 2022 - Fort Lauderdale, Florida – GA Telesis, LLC (“GAT”) announces a substantial expansion to its inventory of Used Serviceable Material ("USM") with the disassembly of a Boeing 777-200ER, two Airbus A320-200, and four Airbus A340-600 aircraft. GAT's Component Solutions team will manage the distribution of the USM from these three aircraft types, building on their reputation as the world’s leading independent aftermarket used serviceable material supplier.

GA Telesis’ Flight Solutions Group (FSG) has disassembled over 425 commercial aircraft with the inventory supporting the day-to-day operational requirements of airlines and MROs worldwide. FSG’s strategy to maintain the highest level of USM in support of the industry is also an integral part of GAT’s SNAP, iGEAR, ACCESS, exchange, and lease programs, providing cost-effective solutions to operators globally.

"The industry is going through significant challenges in both supply chain and repair turnaround time activities and will continue on that path for months to come," said Jason Reed, President of FSG. "With our capital and investment strategy working since the beginning of the pandemic, we are now seeing the benefits of significantly ramping up our teardowns over the last 24 months. Our team understood the critical needs airlines and MROs would face in 2022, thus making our inventory ramp-up much more crucial today," added Reed.