European jet maker has delayed the delivery of its new Airbus A330neo jet due to issues in the supply chain.

TAP CEO announces A330neo delay

News of a delay on the program was brought by the CEO of TAP, which has a firm order for the Airbus A330neo and is expected to launch the re-engined A330neo.

The company was scheduled to take delivery of their first Airbus A330neo jet in the 4th quarter of 2017, but this date has slipped to March 2018 as engine supplier Rolls Royce is coping with difficulties to deliver the turbofans in time.

TAP has ordered a total of 14 Airbus A330neo jets, accounting for 7.5% of the backlog of 186 units.

The Airbus A330neo is built around the A330ceo fuselage, but makes use of advanced wing design and new generation turbofans.

In September 2015, Airbus started the production of the first components of the aircraft (wing box and engine pylon) and announced it had started final assembly roughly one year later. The maiden flight of the re-engined Airbus jet is scheduled for mid-2017, but with a 6-week delay at Rolls Royce this date might shift.

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