An Airbus A380 from Malaysia Airlines has returned to Heathrow after it suffered a defective door flying over Germany on Wednesday the 21st of December.

Defective door Airbus A380

Flight MH1 had departed London and was heading to Kuala Lumpur as it suffered a door defect over Germany. The aircraft returned and was rumored to be making an emergency landing in Amsterdam. After dumping fuel over the North Sea the Malaysian A380 safely landed at London Heathrow.

In a statement Malaysia Airlines said that the noise and vibrations caused by the defective aircraft door were of no immediate risk. Nevertheless, the aircraft returned to Heathrow as the airline said it puts passenger safety above all.

The defect was repaired in London Heathrow with consultation from Airbus and the licensing authorities. A panel in the door was tightened and the aircraft defect was cleared for take off.

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