1. In October 2016, Air Zimbabwe approached the State Procurement Board (SPB) to seek authority for the purchase of 4 x Boeing 777 second-hand aircrafts(sic) from Malaysia.

  2. In November 2016, the SPB under BPR 1067B, approved Air Zimbabwe’s request to purchase the four Boeing 777 planes from Malaysia.

  3. Government, through the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, took a decision to secure funding for the procurement of the four planes together with the eight Embraer aircrafts (sic) which would be used as feeder planes.

  4. To date, Government has arranged funding to procure 2 x Boeing 777 planes and one Ambraer (sic) plane under a Special Purpose Vehicle called the Zimbabwe Aviation Leasing Company. The 2 X Boeing 777 planes will be delivered on Wednesday, 11 March 2018 (sic).

  5. Government also took a decision to lease the planes to third parties up to such a time as Air Zimbabwe develops a credible business plan to run the planes on a sustainable profitable basis.

  6. Accordingly, Government decided to lease the planes to a new aircraft firm called Zimbabwe Airways which has already put in place credible plans for the said planes.

Hon P.A. Chinamasa, MP
Minister of Finance and Economic Development

Hon Dr J.M Gumbo, MP
Minister of Transport and Infrastructural Development