Zela Aviation is adding another significant deal to its portfolio, announcing its strategic partnership with Precision Air, one of Tanzania-based most dynamic airlines.

During a challenging time for the aviation sector, this agreement reaffirms the trust and credibility that Zela Aviation enjoys internationally.

The agreement, signed on August 25, 2021, at Precision Air’s headquarters in Dar es Salaam, provides for the mediation of Zela Aviation, which will act as the General Representative for leasing Precision Air's aircraft, crews, maintenance and insurance (ACMI) to other airlines.

During the signing of the contract, Precision Air's Managing Director and CEO, Mr Patrick Mwanri, stated: "We are excited to begin this new venture; the aviation industry is witnessing many changes and challenges since the pandemic; therefore, as a business, we have no option than to be agile".

Mr Mwanri added - Precision Air's partnership with Zela Aviation will enable the optimum utilization of their aircraft, as they are currently not fully utilized due to decreased demand in travel. The cooperation will most importantly provide a source of ancillary revenues during the low season.

On his side, Zela Aviation Chairman, Mr Andreas Christodoulides, said they are thrilled to sign a GSA contract with a reputable Airline as Precision Air. He added that Precision Air is known for professionalism and is one of the airlines upholding high standards in Tanzania and the surrounding region.

"We will work closely with Precision Air to see this partnership is fruitful and both sides achieve their business goals", he concluded.