September 28th afternoon, at Zhuhai Airshow, YTO Cargo Airlines signed the framework agreement for strategic cooperation with Guangzhou Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Company (GAMECO), to jointly promote the construction of YTO Group’s aircraft maintenance base at Zhejiang Jiaxing Airport, and provide comprehensive aircraft maintenance engineering services for YTO Cargo Airlines and other domestic and international airlines. YTO Cargo Airlines and relevant leaders of GAMECO attended the signing ceremony.

YTO Cargo Airlines is the second private express airline in China. It actively grasps the strategic basis of China's new development pattern of "domestic cycle as the main body, domestic and international dual cycle mutual promotion", and builds a "3+3" international transportation network and "one main Eight-conform" domestic aviation maintenance base layout, construction of Jiaxing aviation logistics hub, serving the "the Belt and Road Initiative" and " integrated development of Yangtze River Delta " and other national grand strategies.

GAMECO closely focuses on the vision objectives of "building a world-class MRO", with the strategic orientation of " industrialization, internationalization, digitizing and branding", vigorously develop capabilities of overhaul and modification, line maintenance, component repair, engineering, material management and training.

According to the framework agreement, YTO Cargo Airlines and GAMECO will rely on the Jiaxing aviation logistics hub platform and combine GAMECO's maintenance capabilities, qualifications and branding to create a Jiaxing aviation maintenance base with comprehensive maintenance capabilities, advanced management systems, and efficient production processes, and provide comprehensive and high-quality aviation maintenance engineering services for YTO Cargo Airlines and domestic and international airlines, and promote the development of local airport economy.

YTO Cargo Airlines a wholly-owned subsidiary of YTO Express (Logistics) Company Ltd. is the only public air transport company for large aircraft operating under CCAR-121 in Zhejiang Province. Main business is domestic (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) and international scheduled and irregular air cargo and mail transportation services. As a professional logistics aviation company under the YTO Group, YTO Cargo Airlines is determined to promote the development of aviation logistics, give play to its multiple advantages in the operation management and market cooperation of the air freight and express delivery industry, and promotes the professional and standardized direction of China's express delivery industry. Development and support the sustainable development of YTO Group's "leading" strategy.

Up to now, YTO Cargo Airlines has 12 all-cargo aircrafts and has successively opened 96 domestic and international freight lines. YTO Cargo Airlines domestic and Asian line network pattern has initially taken shape.

The Jiaxing Airport Dongfang Tiandi Port project built by YTO Group consists of two major areas: a comprehensive hub area and a maintenance area. The current period covers an area of 96.96 hectares (1454.4Mu), and the long-term area is 154.58 hectares (2318.7Mu). In the long-term plan, the estimated cargo and mail throughput by 2050 is 2.4 million tons, and there are 94 gates planned.

GAMECO is a high-tech enterprise in Guangdong Province, an AEO enterprise recognized by Guangzhou Customs, and awarded as an AAA-level enterprise with harmonious labor relations in Guangzhou. GAMECO is also awarded as a Top Ten MRO in the world in terms of the airframe maintenance man-hour by AVIATION WEEK. In recent years, the company has closely focused on the vision and goal of "building a world-class MRO", implemented the strategy of "industrialization, internationalization, digitalization, refinement, and branding", and vigorously developed line maintenance, engineering, overhaul and modification, component repair, material management and parts manufacturing, etc. GAMECO has established a comprehensive and extensive maintenance engineering service capability, has obtained regulatory approvals from more than 20 countries and regions, including CAAC in China, FAA in US and EASA in European Union, etc., and has established a maintenance network in nine domestic and international cities including Guangzhou, Chongqing, and Sydney, etc. It has established a solid strategic partnership with nearly 20 OEM such as Boeing, Airbus, and COMAC, and has a customer base of more than 180 airlines worldwide, including China Southern Airlines, Eastern Airlines, FedEx, Asiana Airlines and many other well-known companies. In the past two years, GAMECO has continuously won the "Maintenance Service Award" and “MRO of the Year" of the MRO China Red Crown Award.

By now, the new hangar phase III, with total construction area of 90 thousand m², and capacity of doing airframe works on 6 wide body aircrafts simultaneously, has been capped and will put into operation by the end of 2021. The construction of aircraft component maintenance base (New CBC and CRC) with a total construction area of 54 thousand m2 has been started and is planned to be put into operation in 2022. By then Guangzhou Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Company’s capabilities and capacities on airframe heavy maintenance, component repair and composite repair will be significantly improved.