Paris, Amstelveen, 04 April 2019 - The shop visits for the two XL Airways CF6-80E1 engines will be handled one after the other by teams at Amsterdam in the first quarter of 2019. During this period, the A330-303 will be equipped with a replacement powerplant provided by AFI KLM E&M. For the carrier, this was a strong argument as there is a shortage of this engine type on the market.

Jean-Pierre Fachinetti, Vice President Maintenance & Engineering at XL Airways said: "Thanks to the availability of this replacement engine, and that of the ramp teams, we will be able to guarantee operational continuity throughout the shop visits, with very little AOG downtime. We have worked with AFI KLM E&M for years and are delighted with their support operations. This latest service contract demonstrates AFI KLM E&M's ability to align with our own operational requirements."

Over ten years' cooperation
Throughout this cooperation, AFI KLM E&M has been able to keep abreast of changes in the XL Airways fleet. Last year, the MRO also won the component support and A-Checks contracts for all four XL Airways Airbus A330s.

Fabrice Defrance, Senior Vice President Commercial, AFI KLM E&M, added: "XL Airways is a long-standing customer of ours. We are already maintaining their components from their base at Paris-CDG and we have an excellent working relationship. With this latest contract, we will continue to provide them with the best possible service."