Xiamen Airlines signed an agreement with GE Aviation on the Event Measurement System (EMS) based Flight Analytics Services to further extend their strategic cooperation in digital. This service enables customers to effectively enhance flight safety, optimize fuel efficiency and reduce operational costs for the airline’s fleet.

“We have enjoyed a healthy business relationship with GE Aviation since 1992,” said Zhao Dong, President of Xiamen Airlines. “As the early user of GE Aviation’s digital solutions in China, we are excited to further extend our collaboration and continue to view GE Aviation as the preferred team to power our continuous growth.”

GE Aviation’s comprehensive digital system enables customers to better manage operations with data-driven solutions and insights. The EMS-based flight analytics service integrates data sources like flight information, weather, navigation, flight plans, and other operational data, and uses a powerful analytics engine to extract valuable insights for airline customers.

“Improving flight safety and efficiency are among the leading priorities of airlines today. This agreement for digital services is an important milestone in our long-standing relationship,” said Chaker Chahrour, vice president and general manager of Global Sales & Marketing at GE Aviation. “We are honored to work with Xiamen Airlines to drive digital transformation and release a wide array of products and services for the airline.”

“The sophisticated flight analytics, together with the local team’s experience will enable Xiamen Airlines to better manage operations with data-driven solutions,” said John Mansfield, vice president and chief digital officer for GE Aviation. “We are bringing together analytics with physical assets to help customers significantly reduce their cost and increase their operational efficiency.”

Xiamen Airlines currently operates a 208-aircraft fleet, majority of which are powered by engines from GE or CFM International, a 50/50 joint company between GE and Safran Aircraft Engines. Earlier this year, both parties signed an MoU to further strengthen the strategic cooperation on fleet management support and services, digital solutions, leadership training and aviation health management programs, as well as intra-industrial alignment and cooperation to support the globalization of Xiamen Airlines.