New solution reduces manual effort for cockpit and cabin crews
Improved maintenance efficiency through seemless interface

Wizz Air becomes the first customer of the Technical Logbook solution
of AVIATAR. Through the newly introduced solution, Wizz Air will
replace the manual and paper-based process of capturing technical
issues during flight/on ground and implement the seemless digital
pilot-to-maintenance collaboration application.

AVIATAR's Technical Logbook offers prefilled text blocks and
automated input masks that capture technical issues of the aircraft
during flight and on ground. It therefore replaces time-consuming
manual entries into paper books and improves data quality as well as
transparency. The new solution works with any hardware device (e.g.
tablet, smartphone or desktop computer) and provides pilots with
access to aircraft status anywhere and anytime. It also offers
back-up processes in case of connectivity issues. Real-time data
availability, directly connected with the M&E system (maintenance and
engineering system), ensures maintenance on arrival and enables a
seemless pilot-to-maintenance collaboration - leading to decreased
turnaround times and costs. In addition, the standardized data
structure helps airlines to gain insights into trend analytics.

Julia Brix, Head of Technical Services at Wizz Air, said: "Following
our goal to become a paperless airline and to further reduce our
environmental footprint significantly, we are excited to become the
Launch Customer of AVIATAR's Technical Logbook solution in
partnership with Lufthansa Technik. AVIATAR's Technical Logbook will
help Wizz Air to deliver such goals by introducing a full paperless
cockpit for our crews and also for maintenance. Due to its full
integration with AMOS, meaning also live feed with both MOC
(Maintenance Operations Center) and OCC (Operations Control Center),
the solution will further enhance Wizz Air's Technical and
Operational performance."

"Especially during these difficult times for the aviation industry,
it is our goal to help our customers to improve their processes
digitally with new solutions on AVIATAR. The modular Technical
Logbook application will help our long-standing partner Wizz Air to
not only benefit from direct efficiency gains but also enable them
access to a completely new pool of real-time operational data. We are
proud to jointly work with Wizz Air towards new predictive use cases
and health management features leverage this data," said Philip
Mende, Vice President Digital Fleet Solutions at Lufthansa Technik.

Launched in 2017, AVIATAR is the independent platform for digital
products and services developed by Lufthansa Technik. The platform
offers its users digital products ranging from predictive maintenance
to automated fulfilment solutions. AVIATAR combines fleet management
solutions, data science and engineering expertise to provide a
comprehensive range of integrated digital services and products for
airlines, MRO companies, OEMs and lessors that seamlessly integrate
with physical fulfilment in TechOps and beyond.