●      Winter ’20 release focuses on helping lessors and airlines manage risk and exposure

●      Portfolio analyzer shows  impact of future deals on portfolio mix

●      Rent deferral request manager and streamlined delinquency monitoring help analyze and approve deferral requests

●      Learn more about these and other new features during our webcast on Mar 24th

STAMFORD, Connecticut, March 11, 2020  --  LeaseWorks today announced the availability of its Winter 2020 release for its AerisMATCH and AerisASSET product lines. The latest versions focus on helping lessors understand risk exposure to key aspects of their asset management operations.  The release also has a number of user experience enhancements, like 1-click creation of deals from meeting notes and mass invoicing capabilities.

A new Portfolio Analyzer module within the AerisMATCH CRM product shows how a lessor’s portfolio mix would be affected by the deals that are in their pipeline. This can be analyzed from several metrics such as customer, country or region, allowing the lessor to evaluate, for example, if the deals they are considering might increase their geographic exposure beyond a preset limit. Also new is the Rent Holiday Request manager, which allows lessors to manage rent holiday requests, understand contextual information around the request, approve and document adjusted payment schedules. Finally, a more sophisticated deal aging calculator analyzes the number of days each department takes to approve a deal, thus providing real-time visibility into deal throughput.

LeaseWorks’ lease management product, AerisASSET, has a number of enhancements, including a Utilization Studio that facilitates the bulk entry, approval and invoicing of asset utilization data. The module also provides powerful visualizations of MR calculations and utilization trends, and allows real-time flagging of at-risk assets. AerisASSET also includes an enhanced receivables panel that gives an early warning of potential delinquencies.

“We are constantly thinking of ways to help our customers streamline their user experience,“ said Roman Madebeikin, Senior Product Marketing Manager at LeaseWorks. “With each new release, we are able to help customers effectively reduce asset risk and gain better insights into their operations. Being able to do this with an easy-to-use product is a core part of our product strategy.“

LeaseWorks will preview all these features in their Winter Release Webcast on March 24th, 2020. The registration link is available through our corporate PR contact below.


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