Wings Capital Partners LLC (“Wings”) announced today the purchase of two narrowbody commercial aircraft, adding one Boeing 737-8 MAX aircraft and one Airbus A321-200 aircraft to its portfolio. This transaction, coupled with other recent acquisitions, has added seven narrowbody aircraft to the Wings portfolio over the last two quarters. Each of the newly purchased aircraft are on lease to prominent airlines in Europe and the United States.

“Growing the Wings’ portfolio with high quality, young aircraft is a core tenet of our long term strategy.” said Nicolas P. Stable, Senior Vice President, Head of Aircraft Transactions.

Notably, one acquisition involved the transfer of the beneficial interest in the aircraft (with a lease attached) from SMBC Aviation Capital over the newly-created GATS online platform, a first for both companies.

“SMBC Aviation Capital is pleased to continue our trading partnership with Wings Capital Partners,” said Michael Littleton, Head of Aircraft Trading, SMBC Aviation Capital. “We are also delighted to have completed this transfer using the GATS platform, a first for all parties involved and we value the support of the teams at Wings and the airline that made this possible.”