First annual chamber event showcases airline's commitment to the community

EDMONTON, AB, April 24, 2024 - WestJet today provided a comprehensive update on the progress it is making against its targeted growth strategy for Edmonton. Alexis von Hoensbroech, WestJet Group Chief Executive Officer, outlined the airline's strategy and commitments for 2024 and beyond in collaboration with key partners at his first annual address to business and community leaders at the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce.

"As the capital city of our home province, we are unwaveringly committed to maintaining and growing our title as Edmonton's leading air carrier, as exhibited by our growing network and track record of fueling Edmonton's economic pipeline through inbound tourism and investment attraction," said von Hoensbroech to a sold-out business audience at the Glenora Club. "The Edmonton community is at the heart of our ambitious growth strategy as we strive to further cement the city's well-deserved position on the global stage, making it one of the most connected cities of its size in North America."

In his remarks, von Hoensbroech summarized WestJet's leading investments in Edmonton and provided an update on the airline's progress in bolstering Edmonton's transborder connectivity and expanding its domestic network.

Economic growth through transborder connectivity

WestJet has been working closely with key partners to inject flights that the business community relies upon to further build the local economy and advance the airline's growth plan. Through collaboration and strategic network planning, WestJet has answered the call for an expanded transborder network, with the following achievements:

  • As Alberta's largest and most important bilateral trade partner, WestJet has fulfilled the critical demand for transborder connectivity providing service to three brand new destinations including Atlanta, San Francisco and Nashville in 2023, alongside nine additional U.S. cities.
  • Through community engagement and partnership, WestJet has developed a transborder network that provides essential connectivity to the region for business, conventions and major sporting events.
  • Through travel and trade missions to Minneapolis and Atlanta, WestJet is facilitating connections amongst partners, generating greater two-way tourism opportunities in service of the local economies.

Investments for Edmonton at the forefront of WestJet's Western strategy

  • Apart from Calgary, Edmonton is the most connected city in WestJet's network and continues to grow.
  • WestJet has increased its capacity growth in Edmonton this summer by 13 per cent since 2022 and has aggressive growth plans to build upon this momentum.
  • Providing 50 per cent of all air travel from Edmonton International Airport, WestJet is proud to stand as the number one carrier in the region.
  • This year, WestJet will provide direct connectivity to 40 unique destinations including 20 domestic, 12 transborder and eight sun destinations.
  • Since opening a WestJet base in Edmonton, employment has more than doubled compared to 2019, providing a direct and indirect impact on the local economy.

Record-setting summer for domestic connectivity

Building on momentum, WestJet is focused on the future and growing its domestic investments in Edmonton, through the following initiatives:

  • Fulfilling long-standing requests of Edmonton's business community, WestJet recently announced year-round, non-stop services between Edmonton and Ottawa and Montreal, featuring well-timed and frequent flights.
  • This summer, WestJet will serve four direct routes between Edmonton and Atlantic Canada, providing the most coast-to-coast connectivity in history, for the region.