Recognized for its can-do spirit and unmatched responsiveness, WGA’s global network and operations enable it to deliver products anywhere in the world when they are needed. As of December 20, 2019, WGA is proud to have flown to 381 airports and 131 countries on six continents.  This is an increase of 44 airports and 12 countries over and above its already high worldwide coverage at the end of 2018.

As part of WGA’s strategy to expand beyond traditional ACMI into a Full Service dedicated charter platform, and to diversify its customer portfolio, the company has increased its push into established and emerging markets in the Indian Subcontinent and Asia.  WGA’s newest contracts serving customers in Sri Lanka, India, Vietnam, Africa and the Middle East are indicative of an approach that focuses on supporting underserved and developing economies which will greatly benefit from air cargo services while offering vast growth potential. WGA has partnered with tier one airlines and multinational logistics companies to provide innovative customer solutions rapidly and efficiently responding to their needs.  In addition, Western Global Airlines has been granted CCAR 129 and CCAR 287 certs and approvals to operate in China, which has opened up a whole new slew of opportunities for the company as it establishes presence in one of the world’s largest economies with an emerging middle class that will continue to drive demand for the services it offers. While trade tensions have depressed some areas of the cargo market, WGA has been successful in capturing general cargo, high tech, and perishable business that will pay dividends moving forward.