• Norwegian carrier Flyr is the latest to join Vueling Global
  • Both Flyr and Vueling Airlines will be able to provide a range of new destinations to their passengers without having to open new direct routes, whilst also increasing revenue
  • The technology behind this partnership is powered by Dohop, who provides assistance in case of disruptions

Barcelona/Oslo/Reykjavik, December 21, 2022 Vueling Airlines, an IAG (International Airlines Group) company, today announced the addition of Flyr to their interline platform, Vueling Global. The new partnership between Vueling and Flyr allows passengers to book and travel to more locations across Europe and beyond.

Vueling Global, which was first made available in June 2021, already offers travellers a wide variety of weekly connections to airports throughout Europe and beyond.

Without having to establish new direct routes, Vueling and Flyr can now offer their customers extended offers between Bergen, Trondheim, Oslo and a growing domestic network in Norway. Flyr will be offering travel opportunities to its guests outside of Europe and it will be possible to book a journey now from Oslo to Malaga with Flyr and then continuing with Vueling to a number of connections in the Middle East and North Africa.

The partnership is powered by travel technology provider Dohop, whose API-based technology allows airlines to build partnerships and provide better connectivity to their passengers. A streamlined booking process allows passengers to book a connecting journey in one single booking process. In the event of a delay or disruption, Dohop services the connection while the airlines maintain customer ownership.

“Vueling continues investing on the virtual interlining technology through this partnership with Flyr. Our customers will benefit from an enhanced value proposition, increased merchandising capabilities, and expanded network. All this is embedded in an advanced digital experience with clear positive impact on our clients.” said Jesús Monzó, Distribution and Alliances Manager at Vueling.

At Flyr we are pleased that this opportunity to partner with Vueling and Dohop we will be able to offer our guests, and an increased number of potential guests, a wider reach to international destinations and enjoy the benefits of interlining advanced technology," said Thomas Ramdahl, Chief Commercial Officer, Flyr.

"We are delighted to enable connectivity between two of Europe’s most innovative airlines. Since launching Vueling Global, it has been our pleasure to work with our partners in Barcelona to grow the platform, and adding Flyr, a dynamic airline focused on the future to this, showcases how forward-thinking airlines are developing partnerships for the benefit of their customers," added Sarah Hanan, Chief Commercial Officer at Dohop.