Barcelona, December 14th, 2023 – Volotea, the airline connecting small and mid-sized European cities, has announced its eighth Italian base in Bari, marking its 21st in Europe. As the company's second-largest market, Italy plays a crucial role in its expansion plans. This news comes after Volotea recently revealed its ninth base in France, located in the city of Brest.

With a 38% increase in capacity, Volotea is set to enhance its offerings from Bari in 2024, introducing eight new routes:

  • Starting July 3rd: 
    • Preveza/Lefkada - Two weekly flights (Tuesdays and Saturdays), with over 3,000 available seats.
  • Beginning July 4th:
    • Toulouse - Twice-weekly flights (Thursdays and Sundays), with nearly 6,500 seats.
    • Dubrovnik and Rhodes - Three weekly flights (Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays), with over 9,000 seats each. 
  • From July 5th:
    • Comiso and Bilbao - Two weekly flights (Mondays and Fridays), each with over 6,000 seats.
    • Split - Twice-weekly flights (Mondays and Fridays), with more than 6,000 seats.
  • Starting July 6th: 
    • Malaga - Two weekly flights (Tuesdays and Saturdays), with over 6,100 seats.

These new routes will further expand travel options from the Puglia Region while enhancing connections for passengers traveling from the area.

Having been present at Bari airport since 2012, Volotea has successfully operated approximately 19,400 flights and has carried over 2 million passengers to date. The establishment of this new base further underscores Volotea's ongoing growth and commitment in Italy.

"The opening of the summer base in Bari once again confirms Volotea's growth in Italy," said Valeria Rebasti, International Market Director of Volotea. "This important milestone and the connections announced today allow us to consolidate the area's connectivity, with a total of 18 destinations to 5 different countries, including Croatia and Spain, which are brand new for our 2024 summer in Bari. In this way, we will shorten the distances between Puglia, one of the most desired Italian destinations, and the rest of Europe even more. But that's not all; the opening of this new base allows us to further strengthen our presence locally, supporting the economy through increased tourist flows. Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to thank Aeroporti di Puglia for their valuable support in achieving this important new milestone for Volotea."

"Volotea's announcement that from next summer, it will connect 18 destinations from Bari - 8 of which are brand new - is excellent news for us and Puglia," said the President of Aeroporti di Puglia, Antonio Maria Vasile. "In addition to the new destinations, all commercially of great interest, there is another important decision by the company, the opening of the base in Bari.This will allow, in line with our strategic plan, a diversification of supply by companies, promoting competitiveness, competition, and adaptability to changing market conditions in favor of consumers. In an industry subject to variables such as fuel costs, economic instability, and changes in passenger preferences, diversification allows airlines to mitigate negative impacts, airports to offer a wider range of destinations to passengers, and Aeroporti di Puglia to expand its network. This choice acknowledges and attests to the great work we have been doing for some time to offer ever higher standards to passengers transiting through our airports. I am convinced that a Bari-based aircraft will contribute significantly to the vitality, profitability, and connectivity of the airport and its supply chain, with the growth of local employment. I also believe it is important to consider how Volotea's decision contributes incisively to improving, in a logic of competitiveness, the offer of 'Karol Wojtyla.' Today, therefore, is a day to be remembered for this company that I am honored to preside over and is meant to be a stimulus to do better and better for the good of the territory, always in synergy with the Puglia Region and with those companies that are confirmed, in fact, as reliable partners."

By stationing an Airbus A320 in Bari, Volotea will expand its offering to provide an even broader selection of destinations. In 2024, 18 connections will be available: 9 in Greece (Athens, Corfu, Heraklion/Crete, Mykonos, Santorini, Skiathos, Zakynthos, Preveza/Lefkada and Rhodes - the latter two new in 2024), 3 in Italy (Comiso - new in 2024, Florence and Olbia), 2 in France (Lyon and Toulouse - the latter new in 2024), 2 in Spain (Bilbao and Malaga - new for 2024) and 2 in Croatia (Dubrovnik and Split - new for 2024).

The new routes can be booked now on the airline's website at