Volaris CEO Enrique Beltranena admitted that the carrier has been experiencing A320neo maturity issues, leading to operational challenges.

As a result, the Mexican airline will delay five aircraft deliveries in 2018 and reschedule its 2019 deliveries. Volaris, together with Pratt & Whitney and Airbus, has also developed a more conservative approach to ensure the technology can deliver in line with its high operational standards.

Volaris currently has 70 aircraft and expects to close 2018 at around 77 aircraft, which is five aircraft less than previously anticipated. For 2019, the exact deliveries numbers are still unclear, according to the CEO.

As for its A319 fleet, the remaining seven aircraft are here to stay for the time being, flying domestically in Mexico and with its subsidiary in Costa Rica.

Furthermore, sale and leaseback aircraft transactions are scheduled in 3Q and 4Q of 2018, despite none in the 2Q.

Meanwhile, its codeshare agreement with Frontier Airlines is ready to launch. Volaris has obtained all government authorizations, and sales will start in the next week and operations during 3Q 2018.