Antwerp-based airline, VLM Airlines, has immediately stops operating as its Dutch shareholders, SHS Aviation B.V., have decided to liquidate the company, according to Belgian media.

At a recent extraordinary shareholders' meeting, SHS Aviation, based in the Netherlands, decided to dissolve the company and liquidate the airline, effective immediately. The Brussels-based unit of VLM is unaffected.

The news follows the 06 August 2018 decision to drop five routes out of Antwerp, leaving only London City and Zurich.

Youri Steverlynck and Birgitta Van Itterbeek (Monard Law) were appointed as liquidators. They are responsible for the contacts with potential buyers.

SHS Antwerp Aviation N.V. is a subsidiary of the Dutch investment company SHS Aviation B.V., which is owned 60% by Dutch investors and 40% by Chinese investors.