VLM Airlines is working hard on a fresh and ambitious restart. The airline filed for bankruptcy in June this year, but is looking to come back stronger.


In June 2016 VLM filed for bankruptcy struggling with a €6 million debt and lacking improvement in cost efficiency, blurring the outlook for the company. After various candidates, including the founder of VLM Airlines, tried to work out a restart plan insolvency practioners reached an agreement with SHS Antwerp Aviation to revive the airline.

Ambitious future for VLM Airlines

While the airline is still awaiting its AOC (Airline Operator’s Certificate), its plans for the future seem ambitious. The airline intends to restart operations by the end of this year with a Fokker F50 from Antwerp Airport and add bigger aircraft in the years to come. The airline aims to add the Fokker F70, Airbus A320 and Airbus A330 by 2017/2018.

The plan to add the Airbus A330 supports earlier rumors that the airline wants to commit to mid-haul/long-haul operations. The airline is likely to be aiming to connect Belgium with secondary airports in China.

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