Hanoi, 7 January 2020 – Vietnam Airlines has recently been granted authorization from the US Department of Transportation to expand the two-way codeshare cooperation with Delta Air Lines after the two carriers signed an agreement last August. This event once again affirms Vietnam Airlines’ track record of operational safety, technical excellence, and service quality, further laying the path for flights to the United States (US) in the future.

This two-way codeshare agreement is expected to take effect in January 2020. From then on, passengers need to book and fulfill flight formalities one time only through either Vietnam Airlines or Delta Air Lines for their entire journey – adding significant convenience for passengers flying between Vietnam and the US.

Vietnam Airlines is permitted to display Delta Air Lines’ designator code (DL*) on Vietnam Airlines’ operated flights for their codeshare flights in conjunction with foreign air transportation between any point or point(s) in the US and any point or point(s) in Vietnam (on a nonstop basis and via Japan and other open-skies points(s) intermediate routings); between points in the US; between points in Vietnam, beyond Vietnam to any point or points; and beyond the US to any point or points. From January 2020, Delta Air Lines will start selling flight tickets operated by Vietnam Airline under DL* code on Hanoi – Tokyo route for passengers seeking connecting flights from/to the US.

Meanwhile, Delta Air Lines is permitted to operate foreign air transportation of persons, property, and mail, on a codeshare basis to serve the US - Vietnam market to the full extent available under the 2003 U.S. - Vietnam Air Transport Services Agreement. Vietnam Airlines’ designator code (VN*) is not only be displayed on Delta Air Lines’ flights, but also those of its regional affiliates, including Compass Airlines, Endeavor Air, GoJet Airlines, Republic Airlines, and SkyWest Airlines, to 25 points in the US, according to the US - Vietnam Air Transport Services Agreement.

By obtaining this permit, Vietnam Airlines has been granted full rights to operate routes to and from the US in all forms of regular flights, charter flights, and two-way codeshare flights.