Memphis, Tennessee (January 16, 2019) – Universal Asset Management, Inc. (UAM) announces the resignations of Keri Wright as Chief Executive Officer and Shawn Kling as President of UAM, with immediate effect.

Bill Hui, a Director of ARI Asset Management Limited and ARI Group CFO, and Richard Spaulding, Director of UAM Board, will oversee the transition. Possessing decades of global aviation experience, they are challenged to add new perspective to UAM's future operational development.

During this transition, all business operations remain unaffected. The UAM team remains fully committed to creating value, maximizing returns and, most importantly, delivering exceptional products and services to our global customers.

Powered by ARI since March 2017, UAM has immediate access to more resources, stronger capital and extended network. With renewed strength, UAM is, in fact, poised to grow faster to leverage increased market opportunities. It persists with dedication to provide its clients worldwide with advanced solutions, outstanding service and industry- leading supply chain management.
UAM thanks Keri Wright and Shawn Kling for their invaluable contributions in the past and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors.