BUENOS AIRES, 29th June 2017.- The Ministry of Transport of Argentina has officially awarded Flybondi, Argentina first Ultra Low Cost Airline, the right to operate 85 routes which include 43 domestic and 42 international destinations.

The company, which raised USD 75 million in start-up capital, plans to start its operations in the last quarter of 2017 with a fleet of Boeing 737-800NG. The aircraft will be configured in 189 seats offering the lowest cost per seat in the market. Its objective for 2021 is to operate a fleet of 30 aircraft and transport 8 million passengers.

“We are very pleased with the 85 routes awarded. We are convinced that our ultra low cost model will positively change the travelling culture in Argentina and will have a strong positive social and economic impact on the country”, said Julian Cook, CEO and founder of the company. And added: “The decision by the Argentinian Government shows the vision to develop an ultra low cost model, which complements the current offering, and will allow the people to travel with the lowest prices in the market”.