Shareholders of Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) made changes in the composition of the company's Supervisory Board. In particular, the authorities of Yuri Miroshnikov and Volodymyr Bohatsky, who have been members of the Supervisory Board since 2019, were terminated, with Andriy Zagorulko and Maksym Kovtun appointed in their place.

Yuriy Miroshnikov and Volodymyr Bohatsky made a significant contribution to the development of UIA's potential. Prior to that, Yuri Miroshnikov held the position of UIA President for 16 years and in 2019 - 2022 - was a member of the UIA Supervisory Board. In turn, Vladimir Bohatsky devoted more than 10 years to the airline, holding various positions, including vice president of finance.

"I would like to sincerely thank Yuri Miroshnikov and Volodymyr Bohatsky for their work as members of the UIA Supervisory Board. UIA has European ancestors who laid the foundation for further development and implementation of best corporate governance practices. Therefore, working side by side with the best and most experienced representatives of my profession is an honor both for me personally and for the entire UIA team. On behalf of all employees, we wish you a new flights and thank you for your work! ” Said UIA CEO Yevhen Dykhne.