October 29, 2021: Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) informs about the resumption of direct flights to Tel Aviv from Kharkiv and Dnipro. The airline has decided to expand the network of flights on this route, given the high demand for flights to Israel from the regions of Ukraine.

Thus, starting from November 8, the airline offers flights Kharkiv (HRK) - Tel Aviv (TLV) - Kharkiv (HRK) on Mondays and Wednesdays. Moreover, from November 9, passengers will be able to fly direct flights on the route Dnipro (DNK) - Tel Aviv (TLV) - Dnipro (DNK) on Tuesdays.

In addition, the airline will continue to operate direct flights to Tel Aviv from Kyiv and Odesa:

Q Odesa (ODS) - Tel Aviv (TLV) - Odesa (ODS) - on Thursdays and Saturdays;

Q Kyiv (KBP) - Tel Aviv (TLV) - Kyiv (KBP) - 2 flights daily

In addition, UIA is considering the possibility of resuming a direct flight between Lviv and Tel Aviv.

The airline also reminds about the possibility to get to / from Tel Aviv (TLV) from the regions of Ukraine by transit flights with partners through Boryspil airport, in particular to/from:

Q Lviv (LWO),

Q Zaporizhia (OZH),

Q Kharkiv (HRK),

Q Dnipro (DNK)

Q and own flights to / from Odesa

Convenient flight schedule allows passengers to combine direct flights with transit on suitable departure days for passengers.

The airline continues to closely monitor the development of the epidemiological situation and the rules of border crossing in each country to which it operates. In addition, UIA recalls its readiness for further resumption of flights, given the positive epidemiological factors and subject to obtaining permits to operate flights.

UIA strongly advises to monitor the rules of border crossing and carefully read the information about the epidemiological restrictions of a destination country.