We are very proud to inform you that the Government of Canada, through the voice of the Minister of Economic Development, Mélanie Joly, has announced financial support of $ 3.5 million to support TREQ's takeoff. This collaboration with the federal government is a very significant moment. Not only does it indicate an important vote of confidence in our cooperative project, but it also recognizes that regional mobility and accessibility by air are essential for the full development of our territory and that it is in the collective interest.

The entire airline industry is awaiting an important announcement from the Quebec Ministry of Transport regarding its plan for the future of regional air transport. As a future major player in regional development in Quebec, our team is impatiently awaiting this plan, hoping that it will improve and ensure the sustainability of air services in Quebec. We also remain in contact with all the Quebec ministries concerned by our project (Economy, Transport, Tourism) and hope that the Quebec level will conclude, just like DEC, that TREQ is a very promising project for the development of Quebec.

TREQ continues to work for the establishment of an airline that will meet the long-term needs of the regions of Quebec and that will tackle the real problem of ticket prices. It makes no sense that it still costs more today to travel between two regions of Quebec than between Quebec and the rest of the world. It is high time that this situation is corrected and that we can finally offer affordable and efficient regional air connectivity, as is the case with our neighbours. Despite certain delays imposed by the health context, our project becomes more concrete every week and partnerships are concluded which will strengthen our operations in due course.