On July 12, 2018 at the Flight Test Institute airport named after Gromov (Moscow Region) during the flight tests aimed at SSJ100 winglets aerodynamics performance evaluation, after the end of the planned flight program, during landing the right landing gear was not released fully. After the fuel depletion the landing was performed safely to the prepared runway. The crew consisted of three members: the test pilot, the flight test engineer and the certification officer. The accident caused no injured. The damage to the aircraft after the tough landing is insufficient, it is to be repaired for further flights. The reasons of the accident are to be revealed by the investigation.

The flight was performed by the Deputy Chief Test Pilot whose flight hours score 11450, more than 1600 hours test flights. SSJ100 flight hours score 3040.

SSJ100 with production number 95032 was manufactured in February 2013. Since its operation start it scored 535 flight hours for 294 test flights.