EuroAtlantic Airways (EAA) is celebrating its 25th anniversary and has just announced that two of its three new Boeing B767-300ER that used to belong to Hainan Airlines, with Portuguese registrations CS-TST and CS-TSU, are now in the Atitech S.p. workshops of an Italian Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul company based at Capodichino de Nápoles airport for a C Check (major overhaul), alterations to the IFE (In-flight entertainment), and to comply with requirements under the euroAtlantic national registration and customisation certification. The last of the three new planes, CS-TSV to reach the company owned by Tomaz Metello will land at Naples airport from Beijing in the coming days. All three aircraft are going to be in service meeting their contracts by 14 July following significant investment. The Chairman of the Board of Directors of EAA, Tomaz Metello, has said he “does not intend to disclose” the amounts involved.

The livery of the new EAA plane CS- TST a Boeing B767-300 ER defines a renovation of the institutional image of Tomaz Metello's company as it celebrates its 25th anniversary, changes that can also be seen in the new cockpit uniforms, which, like previous designs, now also refer to the brand's colours highlighting consolidation and evolution in the continuity of the project. The visual alterations will progressively be expanded to some merchandising items, on-board flatware, executive class amenities, blankets and pillows.

The Chairman of EAA, Tomaz Metello, said of this investment, “when I acquired shareholder control of the company (100%), I told my team the goals and targets, we have sold the oldest fleet and replaced them with more modern aircraft that can ensure intensive operations with lower maintenance costs. The arrival of these Boeing B767-300ER that used to belong to Hainan Airways, a TAP Air Portugal shareholder will ensure we can fulfil our contracts over the coming years and foresee the acquisition of new models. US manufacturer Boeing is still on our radar but we are also looking at European builder Airbus in the future if it offers better cost/benefit options and we will take our structural decisions accordingly. We want to have a euroAtlantic that is consolidated for the next 25 years”, Tomaz Metello said.

EuroAtlantic Airways are looking at the second half of 2018 with great expectation as there is an unusual demand for additional capacity by the world's regular airlines. The EAA pilots who flew the Boeing B767-300ER from China to Italy praised the good cockpit, taxiing and flying conditions of the aircraft. All the cabins are going to be refurbished during the next Checks. EAA is now going to be able to provide excellent long-haul planes and meet all the market requirements. Four of its Boeing B676-300ER are going to have the same cabin configurations, while the other two will have similar specifications. EAA is in the current Top thousand Portuguese companies at position 317), it is in the Top Ten of the Star Company (Dinheiro Vivo), in the “Top 10-Services” - service exports category. Our aircraft create highly-qualified jobs and bring more benefits to the Portuguese economy and the export sector.