UTC Aerospace Systems, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX), announced today that it has been selected to supply wheels and brakes to five of the world's leading airlines: Alaska Airlines, Southwest, easyJet, Icelandair and Lufthansa. Under the agreements, UTC Aerospace Systems will provide wheels and brakes to more than 375 aircraft, including both the Boeing 737 MAX and Airbus A320neo platforms. Taken together, the selections represent $180 million in new business for UTC Aerospace Systems.

UTC Aerospace Systems wheels and brakes are widely used across the commercial aviation industry, having already amassed more than 17 million brake landings in service on the Boeing Next-Generation 737 and approximately 85 million brake landings in service on the Airbus A320ceo platform. The company's brake systems include its proprietary DURACARBĀ® carbon friction material, which allows for an average 35 percent longer brake life over competing carbon materials. This extended brake life helps airlines decrease maintenance time, thereby realizing cost savings as a result.

"For the 737 MAX and A320neo platforms, the 35 percent wear-rate advantage that our DURACARBĀ® brakes provide translates to roughly 500 to 700 additional landings, or approximately six additional months, between brake overhauls," said Landing Systems President Jim Wharton. "That's a considerable reduction in overhaul cycles. At UTC Aerospace Systems, we are committed to helping our customers maximize operational efficiency while reducing costs, and we are honored that so many airlines continue to choose our wheels and brakes as a result."

Specifics of the five selections for wheels and brakes include:

Alaska Airlines

37 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft
Proposed contract would include MRO servicing at UTC Aerospace Systems Los Angeles Service Center

200 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft
10-year MRO agreement includes servicing out of UTC Aerospace Systems Louisville, Kentucky and Los Angeles Service Centers

100 Airbus A320neo aircraft
10-year MRO agreement includes servicing out of UTC Aerospace Systems London Service Center

16 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft

36 Airbus A320neo aircraft