Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company received the approval of the major modification for SSJ100 type certificate that allows flights to Arctic latitudes up to 78.25.

The tests performed in the end of March on the Spitzbergen archipelago confirmed that the setting zone for the SSJ100 inertial navigation system may be successfully broadened in order to perform flights from the home airfields situated within the abovementioned latitudes.

As part of the tests the crew performed all systems stop and launch, made sure all systems performed correctly and set different variants of inertial system modes at the apron of the northernmost civil airport of the world – Svalbard at the Spitzbergen archipelago.

The inertial navigation system is necessary for the aircraft positioning and definition of a number of parameters. The tests were determined by the peculiarities of flight in Arctic, because the operation of the aircraft is performed on the brink of the restrictions set by the providers of the equipment, including the inertial system .

Taking into consideration the successful results of the tests Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsiya) issued the approval for the major modification for the SSJ100 type certificate.

Superjet 100 (SSJ100) is a new-generation Russian commercial jet developed and produced by SCAC. SSJ100 was designed with the latest technologies, ensuring operational efficiency and a high level of passenger comfort. The SSJ100 can be operated on both short and medium distance routes. SCAC manufactures the commercial airliners SSJ100, a version of the Business Jet (SBJ) and special-purpose aircraft. The SSJ100 commercial operation started in 2011.