The Chairman of the Board of Directors | EuroAtlantic airways (EAA) Chairman Tomaz Metello, on the occasion of the Portuguese Travel Agents Congress - APAVT in Funchal, announces to the market and operators of the Pearl of the Atlantic island that the pilots his company's Boeing B767-300ER fleet are already certified to operate at the Cristiano Ronaldo International Airport in Madeira. EAA’s owner Tomaz Metello, regarding this relevant announcement for the Madeiran tourism, has said: “I made the decision to instruct the Flight Operations Department to execute this procedure as soon as we had access to the information that Thomas Cook was going to fail. And we can now announce that the pilots of Boeing B767-300ER fleet can already land in Funchal”. “In addition to the inherent financial problems, we realized immediately that both Madeira and the Algarve or the Canaries would be short in terms of air capacity with operators,” said the founder of the company that came to the market with the brand Air Madeira, and has already complete twenty six (26) years of operation in 157 countries (83% of the World), always presenting audited annual exercises with positive results.

EAA’s owner Tomaz Metello also owns the property of the Tour Operator Sonhando. This brand of organized travels, should be noted, is a partner of excellence to the Autonomous Region of Madeira, where last year it brought to the island in travel packages, three thousand one hundred fifty six (3,156) national tourists. One part, two thousand two hundred seventy-five (2,275), traveled on charter flights to the island of Porto Santo and the expectations for the holiday season of 2020 is that there will be an increase in arrivals to the Golden Island on flights departing from the mainland.