The National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) has approved a relaxation of the airport specifications necessary to receive A380 and B747-8 aircraft. With these changes, the number of Brazilian airports where these aircraft can land rises from 3 to 15.

Launched in 2005, the A380 can carry between 520 and 800 passengers. The B747-8 can carry 400 to 500 passengers.

According to ANAC, only Guarulhos (SP), Galeão (RJ) and Curitiba (PR) airports were authorised to operate 4F code aircraft, which include A380 and B747-8. Such authorization is exceptional and had been granted despite those airports not meeting the required runway dimensions.

On Tuesday 6th, the agency’s board granted 4F approval to the airports of Belém (PA), Brasília (DF), Cabo Frio (RJ), Confins (MG), Manaus (AM), Viracopos (SP), Porto Alegre (RS), Petrolina (PE), Recife (PE), Natal (RN) and Salvador (BA).

Under the previous rules, an airport must have a runway width of 60 meters to receive a super-jumbo. In addition, the overrun area must be 150 metres long, and the width of the taxiway must be 75 metres.

Under the new rule, the minimum runway and taxiway width requirements are now 45 meters and the minimum overrun area can be 140 meters long.

According to Rocardo Fenelon, the Director of ANAC, these changes will allow a more efficient use of the airport infrastructure and will have no impact on security.

"With regard to the environment, the impact is positive because it avoids unnecessary expansions," he said.