Somma Vesuviana, 9 December 2020 - The first two large elements of the Airbus A220 made by Dema - one of the leading manufacturers of commercial aerostructures in Italy - have been delivered at its Somma Vesuviana plant.

They are the cockpit upper shell and a pair of elevators, the flight control parts, essential elements of the horizontal stabilizer. The Dema site in Brinidisi and the wholly controlled subsidiary CAM are also involved in the manufacture of the detailed parts. These components are made up of a total of over 900 detail parts in carbon fiber and aluminum alloy, built and assembled to ensure the highest quality standards.

Dema forecasts to deliver up to 80 units a year, once the ramp up is complete.

"The Airbus 220 is a highly innovative program which in many ways symbolizes the will to overcome the serious crisis in which the health crisis  has plunged the sector of commercial air transport in this very unexpected 2020" declared the Chairman and CEO of DEMA, Renato Vaghi, who continued “The health crisis has changed everyone's life, perhaps for a long time to come, but we have the duty to make it an opportunity,  adapt and get ready for more favourable times. Our presence in such an ambitious project, which involves huge company investments in the coming years, allows us to reposition ourselves in our reference sector as a strong, safe, reliable and self-sustainable entity".

The Chairman and CEO addressed special thanks to all the employees of the Group involved in the project for their efforts in completing the delivery of these sophisticated components, despite the difficult period.