Airbus' largest medium-haul jet, with 230 seats, now serves popular holiday destinations such as Mallorca, Crete and the Canary Islands.

Eurowings to receive delivery of ten Airbus A321 aircraft in the next few months

Fleet swap with Lufthansa: The first A321ceo is already wearing Eurowings colours

Four brand-new A321neo join the Eurowings fleet in summer

First travel season without restrictions generates strong catch-up effects

A321 brings significantly more capacity per flight to top holiday destinations

Eurowings is relying heavily on Airbus A321 aircraft in the summer, internally nicknamed the ”Mallorca Airbus”: Germany's No. 1 holiday carrier will deploy Airbus' largest medium-haul jet specifically to top holiday destinations in order to better serve the high demand to Palma de Mallorca, Crete or the Canary Islands, for example. With around 230 seats, the A321 can carry about a third more passengers than its A320 family relative.

The first A321ceo, which is coming from Lufthansa as part of a fleet swap, is already wearing Eurowings colours. After the end of the transformation work, six A321ceo are to be successively deployed in Eurowings flight operations from May 2023. In addition, four brand-new Airbus A321neo will join the fleet by the end of 2023. They are part of a roughly 1.5-billion-euro investment package in 13 jets of the Airbus ”neo” family. The ”neo” are considered the most modern, efficient and by far the quietest medium-haul jets in the world. All A321s will be operated by Eurowings in a 16-seat BIZclass configuration.

2023: Comeback of the freedom to travel

With the additional capacity, Eurowings is responding to the noticeably strong pent-up demand – especially for holiday travel. For the first time, there will be a year without travel restrictions, and there will no longer be a test and mask requirement. For many travellers, a reliably plannable and, above all, relaxed holiday was not possible for years – this is different in 2023 with the comeback of freedom to travel and also reflected in the increasingly long-term bookings showing confidence in air travel.

With more than 140 destinations in 37 countries, Eurowings offers an attractive flight programme with a total of more than 380 different routes, seamlessly continuing the pre-Covid travel season 2019. Holiday favourites in 2023 will again be Greece, Italy and Spain: Eurowings offers direct flights to around 50 regions in these countries only. The clear front-runner remains the Balearic Island of Mallorca, which Eurowings flies to more frequently than any other destination, with around 400 flights a week from over 20 airports.