José Manuel Gamir, financial director (CFO) of Air Nostrum, spoke at the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences of the Catholic University of Valencia (UCV) about the necessity for companies to plan for future adversity during current times of prosperity.

"We are now in an economic boom but the economy has its ups and downs. We must learn from past experience of those downturns. As good as things are now, we know how economic cycles work and we should always have a plan B ready”, said Gamir.

To cope with such adverse circumstances, Gamir emphasized the importance of a company having a business tool "that allows growth flexibility whilst protecting the company’s core business activity”. Similarly, he referred to the need to develop new projects; in other words "let’s not put all our eggs in the one basket".

Essentially, the manager of the Spanish airline said that Air Nostrum is growing, not organically from its "geographical core" but in response to a changing global environment. "There are now few new business opportunities in the Spanish aviation sector. We plan to grow the company by offering our services (our aircraft, crews and maintenance facilities) to other companies".

Therefore, Air Nostrum wants to create a series of geographically strategic centers where they can offer services at reduced costs. Thus, the Spanish company has set its eyes on South America (with different seasonal services in summer and winter), on Ireland (from where many airlines serve northern Europe) and on Malta (to serve southern Europe and North Africa).