March 31, 2021 – Fort Lauderdale, Florida – The Digital Innovation Group (“DIG”), a GA Telesis, LLC company, and the Government Blockchain Association (“GBA”) announces the formation of the GBA Aviation & Aerospace Working Group. This formation kicks off the start of growing a global consortium of aviation and aerospace stakeholders within the GBA for "exploring the use of blockchain in aerospace and aviation, and how decentralized ledger technology can be of value in improving industry supply chains, MRO services, aircraft, travel, airports and the future of the industry."

DIG was formed under GA Telesis as a "creative think tank and execution team charged with innovating business solutions using emerging technologies." Exploring blockchain in aviation and aerospace is a new perspective on an aging industry already searching for new solutions to solve cost and inefficiencies in consumer air travel, aircraft repair, leasing, and manufacturing.

“Formation of this working group within the GBA could not come at a more vital time. I am excited to have the opportunity to gather participation and engagement from key industry players seeking transformation from around the world. Our primary objective is to introduce initiatives harnessing the power of emerging technologies to help drive aviation and aerospace well into the 21st century,” said Jason Bennick, President of DIG Holdings, LLC, and volunteer head of the new GBA group.

Bennick said it has new members already joining who represent innovative blockchain initiatives. The new GBA group includes a strategic goal to engage membership from each of the world’s largest aircraft, engine, and parts manufacturers, as well as leading airlines.

"It will take a massive, combined, and continued effort of aviation and aerospace leaders, brands, and government stakeholders to materially advance supply chain, MRO, and travel models by embracing shared technologies," noted Bennick. "We’re living in tomorrow, and yesterday has passed," as he went on to say, “Telecoms, healthcare, retail, and financial services are already advancing change at a blistering pace. While there are a few aviation and aerospace initiatives grounded today in blockchain and AI, the industry is missing a core foundation it can pivot through. Needed is a cooperative approach to introducing technology and process shifts everyone can benefit from. It is our hope we can have this conversation on more neutral, common ground within the GBA and collaboratively work to drive a shared transformation of this industry.”

Becoming a member of the new GBA Aviation and Aerospace Working Group requires membership in the GBA, which can be found at