The Civil Aviation Agency issued in its decision that the procedure for checking the fulfilment of the conditions of the holder of the operating license for the air carrier Adria Airways is stopped.

The Agency found that Adria Airways, with implemented and foreseen business and financial measures, proved that it is able to settle all its obligations over a long period of time and that in the long run it is solvent according to all legal criteria and is fulfilling all the requirements prescribed for the holder of the operating license. At the same time, the Agency confirmed in several separate procedures that Adria Airways meets the technical requirements in a way that ensures aviation safety at the appropriate level.

"I did not expect any other decisions of the Agency, as Adria Airways was always in compliance with the requirements of the operating license holder. I regret that there have been so many false and misleading reports in recent months about the business condition of our company, but at the same time I am looking forward to continuing with the implementation of our strategic plan and building on the long-term development of the Slovenian airline. We will further adjust our network of flights, add frequencies and also keep all connections to major European hubs,” told the Managing Director Holger Kowarsch.