The Chinese economy is rising rapidly and at a faster pace than the rest of the world. Commercial Aircraft Corp of China Ltd predicted the China market will need 4,960 large passenger aircraft worth US$563 billion by 2031, made up of 3,405 single-aisle aircraft, 868 twin-aisle airplanes and 687 regional. The purpose of this letter is to cordially invite you, on behalf of Shanghai Society of Aeronautics, Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute, Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd, China Aeronautical Radio Electronics Research Institute, AVIC Commercial Aircraft Engine Co., Ltd and AVIC Shanghai Aero Measurement-Controlling Research Institute to attend The 6th Annual of China Aviation Industry Summit 2017 in Shanghai.

At Day 2 we will focus on the airlines part and also provide a chance to active researchers to explain the recent progress, trends, advancements in the field of Satellite and Space Missions and the solutions they came up with practical problems faced during the phases of research in the field of aviation satellite and applications.

The 6th China Aviation Industry Summit is the best opportunity for you to update your knowledge and skills, understand the evolution in the industry and prepare for the future. CAI 2017 will gather more than 300 industry representatives to come and last the long-term aviation reputation, thus creating the best cooperative platform for all of the attendees.

A. Highlights of Event
High-level Speaker
World Top Aerospace Industry Summit
World Aviation Satellitte Symposium
Comprehensive Workshops
Dynamic Exhibition Hall
300+ Industry Elites to Find the Solution Here
Authorized Policy-reading and Proposal-MADE
Welcome Reception
Gala Evening with Gold Wing Award Ceremony

B. Testimonials

“There are many events, and they’re growing all the time, but CAIS seems to have an edge. And people enjoy coming to their venues and the substance of their content. When you look at what is being proposed as topics of discussion conversation they are very ̀eshy, they are to the point and they are very topical... it's got rich content.”
-Andy Solem, Senior Vice President, Bombardier

“The quality of the contribution is very good. It gives you an opportunity to listen to an informed debate. And there’s good challenge from the moderators in terms of the contribution that the individual speakers are making so I think the quality of these conferences, the CAIS, are up there with the best, if not the best, that I’ve attended. I certainly enjoy and I learn from what goes on here so I look forward to attending future conferences.”
-Darren Hulst, Managing Director of Marketing, Boeing

C. History of CAIS

CAIS has attracted more than 5000 delegates to come since its foundation from Year. 2008.CAIS always pursue the best event quality according to the flag of “AITH and INNOVATION”, “Breakthrough and Development”, “Make the Progress Together”, depending on the strong organizing committee of Shanghai Society of Aeronautics, Commercial Aircraft of China and the excellent location of Shanghai Aviation Industry Zone, we always search for the best project exchanging activities and also endeavor to cultivate the high-level aviation industry leaders.In 2013, “CAIS Event” was elected as one of the “Top 100 Shanghai Annual Event Program” and also pass the examination with the excellent site performance and ideas.

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