Over the past year, TDA has secured as many as five A320s from Aircastle under our longstanding asset management program, some of the aircraft are currently undergoing teardown at Aersale in Goodyear, Arizona.

It’s the biggest teardown project ever in the history of TDA.

Large scale & long-term project

The first of five teardowns started last summer, starting off with the first Airbus, MSN1244. Shortly after, MSN1132 and 1162 followed. Currently MSN1259 is in full progress and directly after 1308 will follow.

With this harvest, we give a major boost to our A320 stock supply. All five aircraft come with interesting units.

Strategic storage facility in TULSA, OKLAHOMA

With more teardown projects conducted in the US, we expanded our warehousing capacity with a new storage facility in Tulsa in the state of Oklahoma. Tulsa is the home of some major MRO facilities and an international Airport.

With an extra 60,000 sq.ft, we make sure to cover a bigger region for local support and supply of A330 and A320 materials.