armac Aerosave, European leader in storage, maintenance and recycling of aircraft, announces the receipt of his plane 500th. On 13 November 2017, TARMAC Aerosave receives storage at its site in Tarbes, an Airbus A380 owned by the German lessor Dr. Peters and previously operated by Singapore Airlines. TARMAC Aerosave subsidiary Airbus Groups, Safran and SUEZ which has just celebrated its tenth anniversary, also announced the end of the additional aircraft parking lot construction work for the reception of very large aircraft.

The 500th stored aircraft is an A380 Airbus in transition, the MSN 003 former Singapore Airlines

At its sites in Tarbes and Teruel in Spain, TARMAC Aerosave stored 500 airliners in ten years. With approvals for storage, maintenance and recycling of all types of commercial aircraft - Airbus, Boeing, ATR, Bombardier, Embraer - TARMAC Aerosave receives 13 November 2017 its first A380 in storage.

Property of the German rental company Dr. Peters, this device was, before its return, operated by Singapore Airlines renews its fleet of A380s which it was the launch customer. This A380 bears the serial number MSN003, it is the first commissioned in 2007. repainted in white, as is the rule for a flight in transition, it will be stored in Tarbes-Lourdes in a car park specially designed for this aircraft out standards.

New larger parking porters in Tarbes

While TARMAC Aerosave already has on its sites Tarbes, and Toulouse-Francazal Teruel with a capacity of nearly 300 aircraft simultaneously stored, it must adapt to the growing market demand. Anticipating the need for Airbus A380 Home, a device whose dimensions and weight require specific treatment, TARMAC Aerosave began works to extend parking from Tarbes early 2017. The first of these parks were received 9 November 2017. These developments allow TARMAC Aerosave to maintain its position as Europe's leading storage site, a trade that represents 80% of its business.