Airline completes important fleet renewal cycle. The Long-Haul Fleet will be completely renewed by the end of the year.

This Monday, TAP concluded an important cycle in the renewal of its long-haul fleet. After 25 years of flying with the colours of Portugal to the five continents, the Airline said goodbye to one of the most impressive planes of its history. The Airbus A340 now passes the baton to the new Wide Body fleet operated by Airbus' latest generation of aircraft: the NEO.

TAP's last four Airbus A340 were given an internal farewell ceremony, in the Airline's hangar 6, which was attended by hundreds of workers who made the history of this aircraft in the Airline. A video paying homage to all those who contributed to the success and longevity of this four-engine aircraft in TAP was broadcast during the event.

The A340 model was considered one of the most sophisticated and modern long-haul aircraft in the early 1990s, and it represented a new way of travelling. Of note were the seats in executive class, armchairs that made the passenger feel at home, the bar with exclusive service and also the individual entertainment system that allowed the choice of various video and audio channels, a great innovation for the time.

At the time, the Airline renewed its fleet with four Airbus A340 that allowed it to explore new markets and supplement the offer in various cities, adapting its commercial strategy to the challenges of an increasingly demanding market.

In total, the A340 transported more than 12 million customers to over 55 destinations across five continents. They made more than 63,000 flights and more than 450,000 hours of service to Portugal and the world with high performance standards, thus earning international recognition for their operational excellence.

The farewell of the A340 model means TAP's long-haul flights are now operated on Airbus' latest generation aircraft: the A330neo and the A321 LR. These two new models from the European manufacturer, considered state-of-the-art, allow TAP, always at the forefront, to once again make history and offer a new, more modern, efficient and environmentally friendly way of travelling to its customers.

TAP's long-haul fleet will be completely renovated by the end of 2019, with the addition of the NEO aircraft and the retrofit of the remaining aircraft of the previous generation. The Executive class, with an improved cabin interior, will exclusively have the latest generation of full flat seats.

With an increasingly modern and comfortable fleet, the Company will continue to invest in the excellence of its operations. The new fleet allows TAP to open new routes, strengthen its destination network and diversify the markets in which it operates. The future is NEO.