Portugália Airlines specialises in chartering commercial aircraft.

The TAP Group is increasing its offer in the commercial aircraft charter market, enhancing Group member Portugália Airlines’s specialisation in this business area.

Portugália already operates all of its flights for TAP, and will now provide all of its know-how in this area to the market in general.

TAP, for its part, will also continue to analyse all charter opportunities for the aircraft in its fleet. TAP Air Portugal and Portugália Airlines provide charter services to various destinations in Europe and worldwide.

Portugália Airlines commenced operations in 1990 and has been an integral part of, and 100% owned by the TAP Group since 2007.
In 2016 the Company revamped its fleet, operating a total of 13 aircraft: 9 Embraer 190 with a 106-seat capacity and 4 Embraer 195 with a 118-seat capacity, both with a 2 x 2 seating configuration which allows for greater comfort.

Portugália won the “ERA’s best regional airline of the year” award in 2017 and was one of the most honoured regional airlines. Currently, Portugália Airlines operates within the TAP Group under the TAP Express brand name.

In the charter market, TAP Group delivers the aircraft to the client ready to fly, covering all costs related to flight operation, i.e. aircraft, crew, maintenance, insurance, fuel, ground handling of passengers, cargo and mail (loading and unloading costs), overflight clearances, landing clearances, catering and all other operational costs, including aircraft insurance.

The Airline provides charter services for series charters and ad-hoc flights, reaching various segments such as, for series charters, tour operators’ programming (launching new destinations, diversifying the tourist offer or bolstering those with greater demand) and, on ad-hoc flights, in the area of incentives, business trips, events, fairs, sports (travel for athletes and clubs), private groups, etc.

The TAP Group’s fleet management flexibility facilitates direct charter flights departing from Lisbon, Porto, Faro, Funchal, Terceira and even Ponta Delgada to the clients’ requested destination.

Other services exclusive to charter flights provided by the TAP Group include an integrated management platform, Flycharters, available to the trade (travel agents and operators) that allows various services to be made autonomous, such as automatic name entry, split PNRs to allow family groupings, automatic charter ticket entry or opening a web check-in.

Charter flights operated by the TAP Group have access to the web check-in opening 36 hours before departure, boarding pass issue and seating/reseating, and additional services offered on charter flights include specialised meals (for example on business or football club charters) or customised interiors/dressing (for example, personalised headboards, pillows and/or blankets).

TAP Air Portugal has an incomparable safety record and is rated as one of the world’s five safest major airlines, and flourishes today in a modern, efficient and sustainable environment.

TAP is increasingly strengthening its commitment to the future, connecting people, economies and communities.