• TAP announces more flights to Funchal, Porto Santo and Cape Verde.
  • TAP is launching eight new routes in Africa and Europe this summer.

TAP is gradually restoring its operations and plans to operate 879 flights per week on 100 routes in August.

The summer 2021 network plan was designed to allow for flexibility depending on how the pandemic develops, on demand and route profitability, all with a view to ensuring the company’s sustainability within the overall restructuring process.

In August, TAP plans to operate a total of eight domestic routes with 126 weekly flights.

Taking the evolution of demand into account, TAP will increase its service to Madeira over the coming months. By August, it will operate five daily flights from Lisbon to Funchal and two daily flights between Porto and Funchal. TAP will restart its service to Porto Santo, with five flights per week from June.

By August, TAP will operate 22 weekly flights to the Azores. There will be 12 flights per week from Lisbon and three per week from Porto to Ponta Delgada. There will be one flight each day on the Lisbon-Terceira route.

TAP will operate four flights per day between Lisbon and Porto. In August, TAP will operate three flights per day between Lisbon and Faro.

New destinations in Europe and Africa

TAP has already announced eight new routes to Europe and Africa this summer: Fuerteventura, Ibiza, Santiago de Compostela, Zagreb, Djerba, Agadir, Monastir and Oujda.

In total, TAP will operate 555 flights each week to European destinations in August. It will also operate 83 flights each week to destinations in Africa. These will include six flights each week to Luanda, three to Maputo, three to Bissau, four to São Tomé, ten to Praia, three to Sal and seven to São Vicente.

TAP will operate 61 flights each week between Portugal and Brazil. The Portuguese airline will also operate 51 flights a week to Boston, Newark, Chicago, Washington, San Francisco, Toronto and Montreal.

TAP has already announced the launch of a three flights per week service between Lisbon and Cancun in central America.

Over the next few months, TAP will resume its service gradually due to current legal restrictions on travel and air traffic. TAP is monitoring the evolution of the pandemic and its impacts on operations, and the list of routes and flights available on our booking system will be adjusted as circumstances dictate.

Tickets purchased before 31 May, for travel up to 31 December 2021, can be changed free of charge. This offers all the airline's passengers more flexibility, allowing them to book and organise their journeys with confidence. All the information about how to change the bookings is available here.