Örebro, Sweden, Nov 26, 2018: Täby Air Maintenance, TAM, announces today a contract for a series of A-checks on UK-based Eastern Airways’ fleet of Saab 2000s.

The agreement covers all seven aircraft and will be executed during the spring of 2019, with the final aircraft returned to service with Eastern Airways in mid-May.

– We are very pleased and grateful to signing this deal with long time customer Eastern Airways, again confirming our position as the leading provider of maintenance and support for the large Saab 340/Saab 2000-fleet, says Pär Gulle, TAM Managing Director.
– Thanks to a very close collaboration with the technical department of Eastern Airways, we have been able to schedule each and every A-check very closely to the rotating of the individual aircraft, in order to minimize Eastern’s down-time.
– With a current high demand for our services, with staff on a two-shift scheme, TAM is proud to still be in a good position to always being able to fulfill the need from current as well as new customers, Pär Gulle summarizes TAM’s today status.