Tronos Aviation Consulting, Inc. (“TAC”), is pleased to announce the availability of our updated cabin interior product forecast. For the past six (6) years, TAC has developed a market leading cabin interior product forecast outlook focusing on the global fleet of commercial transport category aircraft.

Gary Weissel, Managing Officer of TAC said, “The architecture of our forecast consists of our unique method in analyzing existing fleet requirements, and new aircraft deliveries resulting in a retrofit and new aircraft demand outlook for cabin interiors and products”. Mr. Weissel added “For our annual update, we take into consideration market trends, emerging products, and developments on a regional and global level”.

Jeff Luedeke, Managing Director of TAC said, “We have developed and incorporated within this publication market predictions based on the unprecedented industry challenges we are all facing”.

This year TAC, has enhanced their market support by making the forecast outputs available to their clients by subscription. Customized outputs, and strategic assistance remain available as well.

TAC would be pleased to schedule an introductory conversation regarding interior forecast data needs of individual companies and to further outline their forecasting capabilities.