The cooperation between Joramco and Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) started early 2017 The two companies signed a 5-year agreement by which Joramco will perform C-Checks and HMV checks on the SWISS Airbus fleet, A320, A333 and A340. The agreement also includes incorporation of ADs, SBs and structure repairs at Joramco’s Base Maintenance facility in Amman (Jordan). As of today Joramco has performed 35 successful layovers for Swiss International Air Lines.

SWISS and the Lufthansa Group are working in very close cooperation with Joramco to introduce new ways of working together. Both parties have just completed a week’s workshop together to streamline their procedures and processes. The goal of the workshop was to improve TAT, material deliveries, order to invoicing, final documentation, cabin standards, in-house capabilities and have a technical acceptable aircraft on redelivery.

“Joramco, with its expanding capabilities, strives to provide its customers with flexible, high quality services at competitive prices, taking advantage of the ongoing transformation that is taking place at the company, we are delighted that this was noted by our customers who entrusted Joramco with their base maintenance services and resulted in extending the agreement with us.” commented Mr. Jeff Wilkinson, CEO of Joramco.

Commenting on this agreement, Thomas Bjorndal the Technical Procurement & Relationship Manager said: ”Joramco is always keen on delivering high quality, competitive pricing for the services delivered at favorable turnaround times and we look forward to developing our partnership further with Joramco. Joramco can always be relied on for short notice flexibility and commitment to SWISS challenging maintenance schedule”.

SWISS operates a highly varied fleet with a total of 87 aircraft, 29 for long haul and 58 for medium and short haul routes. The fleet currently comprises five different kinds of aircraft: for long haul, SWISS counts on Boeing B777-300, Airbus A340-300 and A330-300 for shorter flights on the A320 Family and Airbus A220.

In 2016, SWISS introduced the new Airbus A220 aircraft (former C Series). The aircraft introduces the latest technology/advances in engine, systems and materials technology to set new standards in terms of profitability and environmental compatibility, lower fuel consumption compared to other aircrafts in same size and further, in terms of human auditory sensitivity the new aircraft generates much less noise.