Hünenberg/Zug, Switzerland, 24 October 2017 – Swiss Aviation Consulting® is pleased to announce the recent receipt of its ARC privilege for the ATR series from the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation FOCA. This marks a further expansion of its continuing airworthiness management business.

In addition to mid-term inspections of narrow and widebody airliners Swiss Aviation Consulting already successfully performs CAMO services on behalf of various lessors on aircraft transitioning between airlines. Aircraft types range from Airbus A320 up to Boeing 777 and 787.

“We are pleased to see the steady influx of mandates involving narrow and wide body aircraft, operated either as private jets or as airline workhorses.” says Sascha Gammeter, COO.

“Our EASA licensed engineers are widely experienced in the airline sector and are extremely flexible; a great asset in working with airlines as the mid-lease inspections typically need to be done at short notice, in as short a time as possible and under all weather conditions – no time for hangars,” he explains.

Sascha adds: “Furthermore, the lease companies appreciate our ability to work with their complex, individual technical report templates, thus enabling a better comparison between the mid-term and end of lease status of their aircraft. As always, our aim is to fully support our clients’ needs.”