Hünenberg/Zug, Switzerland, 25 August 2017 – Swiss Aviation Consulting is pleased to announce the employment of three new team members in its offices in Switzerland and Malaysia. This reflects the continuing growths of the group in the CAMO, Asset Management and ATO divisions and the success of the Malaysian office and its team.

Swiss Aviation Consulting, Hünenberg, Switzerland:
Mr. Herbert Bürge joined SWICAMO in June and has over 25 years of aviation industry experience in senior positions in aircraft maintenance and control, aircraft management and customer support as well as quality auditing. He spent several years abroad in London and Barcelona while working for major players in the airline business. Herbert holds a key role as account, quality and compliance manager within our approved CAMO and ATO organisations. In addition he conducts aircraft surveys for the Asset Management division.

Swiss Aviation Consulting, Hünenberg, Switzerland:
Capt. Markus Chatelain joined SWISS AEROTRAINING in June. He is an airline and business aviation pilot (TRI/TRE SP(A) and MP(A) with additional experience in pilot recruitment and flight training. Markus heads the flight training of the group’s ATO and holds the role of Chief Flight Instructor. Furthermore he acts as operations auditor for the aircraft asset management and advisory divisions. During more than 25 years in aviation he has accumulated a vast experience as captain for several airlines and business aviation operators, FTOs and ATOs as CEO, chief pilot, CFI, TRE, TRI as well as SPO and MPO.

Swiss Aviation Consulting, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:
Mr. Kapil Dev Naidu joined SWISS AEROCONSULTANT (ASIA) in August.

Kapil holds a diploma in aircraft maintenance engineering from Nilai University. In his career he has worked as a planning officer for Airbus Helicopters, Malaysia and as an executive CAMO for Sapura Aero. He has started as a Junior Airworthiness Engineer in the Malaysian team and will also train to become an aircraft surveyor.